I am interested in law but I don't want to live in India. I thought of the US but it's really expensive plus I talked to my Counsellor, she doesn't suggest international students going to the US for law. I considered UK but then I'm confused regarding the employment there in the future. What should I do? Where is the best place to do law outside India.

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    Geetha Swamy
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Geetha Swamy Answered a year ago

Law is one of the courses that is best pursued in the country of your origin because laws are indigenous to each country. I agree with your counselor that if you want to pursue law in India, do it in India. In the US and Canada, you would have to complete an Undergrad degree before you even apply for a law degree. So that is 4 years + 3 years. Laws also vary from State to State, so you would have to take the Bar exam for the state that you want to practice in after that (assuming you get the opportunity to do so!). Many students do opt for International Law and UK may be a country you might want to look at as the legal system is similar to the Indian one. But to practice law in India, you have to pass the Indian Bar exam, again. If you study corporate law, you may be able to get jobs in multinational organisations. Hope this helps.

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