I am in short, a clueless ninth grader, with a substantial dream. I really want to study medicine in the US, hopefully in Ivy League schools like Harvard and Johns Hopkins. I am a U.S. citizen currently living in India. I am a student in the CBSE board of education.

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    Lisa Buchwalter
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Lisa Buchwalter Answered a year ago

It’s great that you are starting to prepare this early for your dream. In order to have the best chance at getting a seat as a pre-med student at a top U.S. university, you will have to consider the following factors: Grades, Difficulty of Curriculum, Test Scores, Extracurricular Activities, Letters of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose and Supplementary Questions, and a possible Interview. You will want to take the most difficult course of studies that you can handle well. Try to maximize your sciences and math courses. Be sure to take Biology, Physics and Chemistry, in addition to as much Calculus as....View More

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